We’re taking you to Thailand

Well, kind of.

One of our writers, Clare Austen Smith, is taking a month off of writing about things like Rick Ross and Miley Cyrus and traveling the world instead. And we’d be jealous, if she didn’t ask us to tag along via Instagram!

Here’s how:  (Simple, right?) Then comment back here on your favorite moments. Word on the street is she’s also taking suggestions so any of you well-traveled readers feel free to give her some tips on things to try out. We’ll continue posting our favorites on , and maybe even re-visiting from time to time. We’re all about second chances, after all.

Fair warning: hitting “follow” may cause jealousy, envy, and anger that we weren’t actually invited to physically go along. did try the old jump-in-the-suitcase trick but were quickly discovered – much to their chagrin.

Enjoy the trip!

The SLM team

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  • Reply July 23, 2013

    Zoe Bjornson

    I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand! Can’t wait to follow along.