Choosing The Best Restaurant When In Dubai

While Dubai is famous for its cuisine, it is not for everyone and can take a little adapting to. It is a good thing, though, that there are a myriad of restaurants, fast food chains, and food businesses in the country that will satisfy anyone’s palate. For instance, Burj Khalifa Restaurants are perfect for those individuals who are quite picky with their food and want to indulge in meals that will suit their food preference taste, budget, and dietary requirement, among others. Here are a few other ways to ensure that you enjoy your dining experiences when visiting Dubai.

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Street food

Grabbing a snack at street food stalls is a cheap and easy way to sample local cuisine. These food stalls can be found all over Dubai and offer a range of ready to eat meals and snacks. Shawarmas are very popular in Dubai and feature meat cooked on a skewer and served in pita bread with a range of vegetables. Fala-Fil is another type of tasty treat that can be eaten on the go and also comes with pita bread and salad if desired.


If the sight and smell of highly spiced cuts of meat don’t appeal, go vegetarian. Dubai features a large number of Indian restaurants, most of which specialize in Indian cuisine. Not only are dishes such as samosas and subji made from fresh vegetables, they are also very easy on the wallet.

Fine dining

Going out for a meal in a top quality restaurant is a good way to celebrate a special occasion. Most of Dubai’s leading hotels come complete with excellent restaurants that serve dishes from all over the world. In addition to a good range of dishes, these restaurants are also staffed by fully trained waiters that are able to make menu selections to visitors to Dubai.


Dubai’s supermarkets come fully stocked with a large number of Western staples including bread, breakfast cereals and snack food. Picking up a few supplies at a local supermarket is a good option for picky eaters who are not quite ready to try local food. Buying breakfast or lunch items from supermarkets is also a good way to make your budget stretch further.

Not everyone is adventurous when it comes to food. Fortunately, most western fast food chains have branches in Dubai and offer plenty of familiar favourites for visitors to sink their teeth into.

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