5 Phenomenal Tech Gifts for Father’s Day

So, what should you get Dad for Father’s Day this year? A pair of socks or a bottle of aftershave may have sentimental value, but nothing says “Dad, you’re the best” quite like a truly awesome tech gift that you know he’ll get lots of use out of. What follows are seven of this year’s most cutting edge tech gifts for your consideration.

The Tablet Lawn Chair ($59.95)

Does your dad enjoy sitting in the garden and soaking up some rays while simultaneously reading the news on his tablet? Make his outdoor ventures an even more enjoyable and relaxing experience with this innovative piece of garden furniture. It’s designed like a normal fold-up camping chair, but with the addition of a foot-long flexible steel “neck” topped with a receptacle capable of holding most 7-inch tablets, and a side pocket handy for storing mobiles, tablets, or books. The piece is perfect for dads who like a bit of Saturday morning loafing.


Credit: Tech Crunch

Credit: Tech Crunch

For more active dads, or for those looking to shed some pounds for the summer, this handy fitness wrist watch will help keep them in sync with their exercise routine. Pre-installed with the excellent Basis app, the watch allows users to set fitness goals and to monitor such things as heart rate and calorie burning. It also contains a function which analyzes sleep patterns and suggests ways in which rest routines can be improved.

Sharper Image BBQ Grill with Light and Fan ($89.99)

This luxury barbecue grill will enable any meat-loving dad to get the most from his summer garden parties. Equipped with a first class grill, the product also contains unique features not regularly seen on barbecue equipment, such as powerful LED lights (meaning dad can carry on cooking even as the light fades) and dual extractor fans that draw smoke from the grill, enabling ultra-tasty meals.

($99.99, including charging case)

Credit: ChipChick

Credit: ChipChick

The most high-caliber headphones currently on the market, these beauties operate wirelessly, picking up music from your playback devices through a bluetooth setting. With up to 14.5 hours of listening time available after a full charge, and a military-grade ‘nano-coating’ to prevent damage from heat and moisture, these are perfect for an on-the-go dad who loves his tunes.

Sphero 2.0 ($129.99)

Credit: O Canada

Credit: O Canada

Allow your dad to reconnect with his inner child with this amazing piece of technology. The Sphero 2.0 is an “intelligent” and mobile robot that can be paired with android apps and used to play numerous games and activities. It will provide hours of fun for dads of all ages!

What do you have planned for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below!


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