Rupert Grint Has A Song And It’s Amazing

{Image via FanPop}

{Image via FanPop}

Our favorite redheaded Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has just released a song! Can you ever picture Ronald Weasley singing?! Grint recently released his song “Struck By Lighting” from his newest animated movie, Postman Pat: The Movie. Postman Pat is a long-time running UK TV program that’s been around since 1981.  According to IMDB, Postman Pat: The Movie is about a postman whose “beliefs become challenged” after he enters a TV talent show competition. According to UK Website Den of Geek!, Grint is playing a character named Josh, who’s Postman Pat’s rival and a boy band singer. The directors of the movie asked Grint if he wanted to sing, and he thought it would be a fun experience:

When they said “do you want to sing?” I just said yeah. I thought it could be funny, could be a laugh. I didn’t realised there’d be an album. It was fun, and they can do some clever things with the old autotune stuff. It came out pretty well! (Den of Geek!)

Grint’s song, “Struck By Lightning,” has a boyband vibe to it just like his character will have in Postman Pat: The Movie, taking us back to the days of playing N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys in our CD player. This fun, upbeat tune will have you bopping around and singing at the top of your lungs. Whether or not the song was autotuned, Grint’s voice is addicting. It’s a catchy tune whether or not you know anything about Postman Pat: The Movie. Postman Pat: The Movie opened in the UK two weeks ago. Check out the video below of Grint’s song, “Struck By Lightning.”

What do you think of Rupert Grint’s song?


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    Being a Harry Potter fan this is pretty awesome! Rupert has a great voice!