Fashion Obsession: House of Constantine

{Image via Greta Constantine}

{Image via Greta Constantine}

It’s time to meet the “jersey boys of Toronto” -  Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, the pair behind Greta Constantine  fashion line for women. The two designers paired the names of Stephen’s mother, Greta, and Kirk’s grandfather, Constantine and created the catchy and chic name “Greta Constantine.”

They’ve been called the “jersey boys” for the jersey they use for their collections. They are designers to watch-out for. From their simple yet bold designs, wearing a Greta Constantine dress will definitely put you on the “Best Dressed” list to any party or event you attend. The dresses not only shape your figure, but they flatter your body in ways that just make you feel like you’re walking down the runway.



One of my favorite Greta Constantine trends has to be the Sea of Blue. As stated on the House of Constantine blog, “ the tides are turning in the fashion world – hues of blue are giving LBDs a run for their money.” We all tend to go back to the LBD, but once you see how gorgeous this hue of blue is, and how you can literally pair it with any color; you will be hanging up your LBD in your closet!


Make sure to check out House of Constantine, as they keep you posted on the hottest trends and their latest designs.

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