Jesse McCartney’s Back in Action — And We Missed Him

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The Beautiful Soul singer Jesse McCartney recently just dropped his newest single, “Superbad.” It seems like we haven’t heard from McCartney in ages. Since we last heard from McCartney, he released an album back in 2010 called, Have it All. In 2013, he released an EP titled, In Technicolor Pt. 1.

His newest single is a song all about how his girlfriend is “superbad.” The song reminds us of Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie vibe, the smooth jazzy bass songs that you want to sing over and over again. McCartney currently has an album in the works that’s expected to drop in later in summer 2014.

Throughout the music video, McCartney gives off a Jay Gatsby vibe that Leo DiCaprio would be proud of. His slicked back hair, aviator sunglasses, classic car and trench coat complete his aura of a modern day Gatsby. The video is a little risqué, which we’re not used to with McCartney (we still think he’s eternally 17!). The video is filmed like a story, beginning with how he met his girlfriend (via voice over) and how he bought her expensive gifts at luxurious stores like Chanel. Then, it shows his girlfriend trying on different outfits and modeling them for him—um, what? Unlike anything that we’ve seen before from McCartney–but at least his song is catchy.

Check out the video here for “Superbad”:

Do you think this video’s too risqué for Beautiful Soul Jesse McCartney?


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