SLM: Spring Mix

      You still have some spring cleaning to do, and I mean cleaning up and updating your music playlists! If you’re day-dreaming about breezy days…

      Betty Who

      Betty Who?

      If you are in the mood for some powerhouse female vocals, look no further than Betty Who.  The Australian singer recently released a brand…


      Is 5SOS the New 1D?!

      Yep. We said it. But don’t panic, One Direction will still be at the top of our list; however, we might have just found…

      Rockin' a piece from her newest line

      Artist Spotlight: Kimberly Caldwell

      When you ask Kimberly Caldwell to describe herself in one word, she says creative and dramatic, or “dramatically creative” (a phrase she coined herself)….


      Sweet On: Jetta

      Sometimes you come across an artist you just love. Jetta is one of those artists for me (and hopefully you, too.) While perusing Spotify, I…