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Say Goodbye to the Jo Bros

If you happen to pass by a middle school today and see swarms of girls crying and pulling out their hair, don’t be alarmed….


930 Club Giveaway: Polica

(Image via…) What are you doing this month, DC? Starting to get chilly, wearing drab clothes, treading through the muck of a looming winter?…

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Taylor Swift’s ‘sweet’ new single

New T-Swift alert: Taylor Swift has gone back to the 80’s with her new single, “Sweeter Than Fiction.” Written with Fun. guitarist, Jack Antonoff,…


The good old days: Rock out

Though many types of music have influenced today’s music and that of past generations, no genre has ever revolutionized music the way that Rock…


Paris Hilton is back with new music

Paris Hilton’s new single has dropped! Anyone there…? In any event, the song is called “Good Time” and features an EDM-like beat complete with copious…


The Good Old Days: Peace and Love

Flowers, patchouli oil, VW vans, and love. All these ingredients combined can only mean one thing: hippies. Last week, we brought you the first…