Paris Hilton is back with new music

Paris Hilton’s new single has dropped!

Anyone there…?

In any event, the song is called “Good Time” and features an EDM-like beat complete with copious amounts of auto-tuning. Actually, when the beat drops it’s a nice little vacation from Hilton’s voice …if only for a moment.

Paris Hilton’s music is back and now she’s with Cash Money Records, so naturally Lil Wayne is featured on her explicit new track about having, well, a good time.

If you, like myself, were a fan of Paris’ music in the “Stars Are Blind” era, be prepared to hear something a little different and a lot less 2006. The beat isn’t terrible, I can already see people getting down to it in a club or at a Bar Mitzvah (the edited version in that scenario, obviously) and Wayne’s verse is solid and weird per usual. Her voice is high-pitched and sweet sounding but not nearly wispy and bold enough for an EDM track.  Actually, I can’t tell if she’s talking or singing throughout most of the track.

Of course I can’t forget to mention the music video that also dropped along with the single because it features Paris Hilton having a good time and Lil Wayne wearing red glasses at a night-time pool party thing with some water guns and a bedazzled swimsuit. As much as one may hate on the video and song, there is no doubt that everyone would have a GREAT time at the party displayed in the video.

“I came here just to party, oh please don’t you hate on me…yeah.” Then don’t make it so easy, Paris! Though the song is ultimately subpar, it will undoubtedly get some play time and I’m sure it’ll be stuck in your head for a few hours and somehow find its way onto your Spotify and iTunes playlists and then onto your “road trip mix” if anyone even makes road trip mixes anymore and then it’ll just be in rotation at the gym which is totally fine because I can already feel the beat my legs would pump along to on the elliptical. Whew.

See and hear for yourselves by checking out the full video and let us know if you feel like you’re having a “good time” with Paris and her pals!

By Allie Ditkowich

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  • Reply October 9, 2013

    Alex Lemley

    This is a riot.