Bangerz is out. Here’s our review.

The wait is finally over, and the highly teased, heavily anticipated Bangerz is available for your listening pleasure. Bangerz, the third of Miley Cyrus’s non-Hannah Montana albums, is certainly a new approach for Miss Cyrus.

We’ve given you a week to listen and now we’re finally weighing in.


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What Cyrus intends to present as an album for her adult fans, comes off as messy as a little girl playing dress up with her mother’s makeup. Read: this album is a hot mess.

Bangerz opens with the strong ballad “Adore You,” which is admittedly a great start to a less than mediocre album. A mere three songs in, we’re introduced to a collaboration with an artist whose path Miley is clearly following closely. You may know her as the queen of the 90s, Miss Britney Spears. The track, “SMS (Bangerz),” is – not surprisingly – both catchy, and skanky. The collaboration boasts lyrics like “They ask me how I keep a man / I keep a battery pack” laid over echoes of the word “bangerz” (which is what, exactly?). While not a brilliant track by any means, this is sure to at least be a hit in the clubs because, Britney.

Moving through the album, save from the heartfelt and most talented song of them all “Wrecking Ball,” the middle of this album offers barely anything memorable. It is sloppy, boring, and offers no rhyme or reason for track placement.

The exception to this observation is one standout track: “FU.” A collaboration with French Montana, which could have easily made its way on to The Great Gatsby soundtrack if timing had worked in its favor. Second only to “Wrecking Ball,” “FU” showcases Cyrus’s voice significantly better than any of its co-tracks. As Cyrus clearly scolds an ex-lover over an awesome beat, she shows listeners for only the second time on the album how great her voice truly is — and that she’s also battling a serious case of heartbreak.

What follows “FU” is truly unmemorable, and continues to change gears from ballads, to R&B, to some lackluster attempts at rap. She ends it all with a track featuring Ludacris.

Don’t get me wrong, this album is not all bad. It has some catchy songs, and it can easily be seen as a guilty pleasure. The main point here is that Cyrus knows what she’s doing with this album. Every little stunt, performance, and picture leading up to the release of this album was likely pre-meditated to ignite excitement around it — and it worked. But what she seem to have lost in this process was sight of her talent, which she absolutely possesses (just see her  for proof).

All in all, Bangerz is a wreck of an album, chalked up to the self-destruction of the wrecking ball in Miley’s hands. Ironically enough, “Wrecking Ball,” is by far the best track on the album. As a Miley fan myself, I really wanted to like this album, but I am disappointed to say that I can stop, and will stop listening.

Albeit catchy, and intriguing at times, the sloppiness of the album certainly outweighs the good. At this point all I can do is sit back, and hope that when she inevitably reinvents herself again, she’ll get back to her country roots, where her real talent lies…buried alongside Hannah Montana.


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