The good old days: Rock out

Though many types of music have influenced today’s music and that of past generations, no genre has ever revolutionized music the way that Rock ‘N’ Roll did.

And so for the last part of our three-part Oldies series, we bring to you a collection of some of the greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll songs from our parent’s generation. What we now call classic rock, was just their rock, and each one of the artists on this playlist changed music in some way.
Before indie rock, alternative rock, country rock, etc., there was just plain, pure rock. It captured the hearts of people around the world (and scared our grandparents half to death). Without Rock ‘N’ Roll, pop culture would be a very different place. Explore some of the best Rock musicians of all time with this playlist.
Tip: This playlist is best enjoyed turned way the hell up and with some head-banging, hair-shaking moves. All the better if you can get .
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