3 Ways Aloe Vera Can Beat Skincare Products

You’ve probably used Aloe Vera to soothe minor burns or even sunburns, but did you realize it has a bevy of other uses? Aloe vera is a succulent with thick and fleshy green leaves. When you tear a leaf, a thick and clear serum oozes out. This serum is not only the ultimate beauty treatment for your skin but for your hair, as well. I encourage you to read the ingredients at many top-of-the-line cosmetics creams the next time you are at your favorite department store. You will probably see aloe vera listed as an ingredient in many of them. But, why spend upwards of $50 when you can get a bottle of 100% pure and organic aloe vera gel for under $10? Read on to learn some unknown benefits.

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Lighten Under Eye Circles

How much money do you spend on concealer and dark circle corrector? If you buy something at the drugstore, chances are it probably wasn’t very effective. However, if you get a premium brand, it might be too costly for you to use on a daily basis. Why not use aloe vera gel instead? It is very potent and you see results immediately. It might seem weird at first, but the gel soaks right in. All you need is a dot and make sure you do not get it into your eye. Let it dry before applying any makeup. Not only will it work on circles, but it helps with any premature or current fine lines. How? It has Vitamins C, A and E.

Skin Brightener

Just as aloe vera works on your eyes, it works just as well on your skin. Is your makeup cabinet filled with BB and CC creams? Mine is too. Nonetheless, their benefits are enhanced even further when used in conjunction with aloe vera gel. The gel can diminish dark spots and discoloration over time. It even helps to even out your skin tone and calm rosacea. Use it like your moisturizer right after you cleanse your face. You can also use it on top of your regular moisturizer. It’s all natural and your face will look brighter in minutes. In addition, your skin will feel great.

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Hair Conditioner

Try using aloe vera in place of your regular hair conditioner once a week. Make sure to rinse it out. You will notice very silky and shiny locks without parabens! You can also use it in place of hair pomade or hair gel if you like. Not to mention, it can be used as a treatment to soothe an irritated scalp.

Ancient Egyptians called aloe vera the “plant of immortality.” Once you try it for more than just sunburn, you might see why. Sure, some studies say there isn’t enough proof to verify whether or not it can work for any of the above. But, if you try it, you can see the results for yourself.

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