Get To Know The Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone is out after much anticipation. At first glance, the Fire appears to be just like any other smartphone available on the market today, but if one takes a closer look, there are several things that set this phone apart from others.

Image Credit:PC Advisor

Image Credit:PC Advisor


Arguably the biggest plus about the Fire is that it’s an Amazon device, which is to say that it is heavily integrated with the Amazon website, Prime and all of the media options. The phone can very easily be used to acquire books, video, music, and everything else from Amazon, but to call it a device that is best used to purchase items on Amazon is a gross over-simplification.

From a practical standpoint, the Fire is a very well-built phone and has a firm, solid feel in your hand. It comes with a large, clear display, a nicely responsive (without being overly so) touchscreen and an excellent camera. A final pro is that new Fire owners get a year of Prime membership free.

Image Credit:Digital Trends

Image Credit:Digital Trends


Two of the largest disappointments of this phone are features that were widely talked up by Amazon: Firefly and the Dynamic Perspective. Firefly is a feature that can be used by the phone’s camera to identify music, videos, and other physical items, then provide a link to purchase them. While an interesting idea, many users find that there aren’t as many practical applications for this feature as was promised.

The Dynamic Perspective feature offers Fire users a realistic 3D perspective using four sensors that put the surroundings in context for the user. The result is a very close to true 3D view of the surroundings. As cool as this also sounds, there simply isn’t as much applicability in everyday life.

The relevance and applicability of both of these features could easily change over time, turning these two small cons into pros. It’s also important to note that Amazon developed and launched these features before other developers, giving the brand much more credibility in the market in terms of developing features and applications, as well as the hardware.

It’s important to keep in perspective the fact that the Fire is the very first phone that Amazon has put out on the market. As compared to many other first-generation smartphones, the Fire really has huge advantages and certainly does not seem like a company’s first try at a phone. With that said, this is a very well-built and powerful device and users will enjoy using this Amazon phone and wait for the next, upgraded version of the Fire.

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