Rockin’ The Bun Bow

We’ve all rocked the top knot.  It’s pretty much perfect for a weekend brunch, a last minute dinner, when we are rushed in the morning.  It’s so simple and easy and it still somehow looks acceptable, even quite presentable.  But here is the equivalent to the advent of the sliced loaf of bread.  It’s taking a good thing and making it better.  It’s the bun bow!

Bun Bow

Twist up your top knot per usual, but then as a finishing touch twist one of these lovely hair bands around your finished product.  The hair band is complete with a not too big, not too small bow that just polishes off the look.  It seems so much more planned. It dresses it up a bit.  It adds something extra.

What makes these pretty bows even better?  The real thing comes from a small label, Gina Made It.  Gina, who studied at Parsons, started by making headbands for friends and family.  In fact, that’s just where the name came from.  When Gina’s friends were asked where they’d gotten their headbands and bun bows they replied ‘Gina made it’!  Ultimately, the goal was to give every day a little something extra, or a chic way to tame an unruly mane.  They were perfect for everything from early mornings at school,  to summers spent seaside, to travel. Gina had a great idea and worked as an inspired entrepreneur to launch her line of perfect, designer hair accessories.

They come in so many great colors, and even different fabrics!  My favorite is this gold one that somehow goes with everything, and has a great texture to it.  For Fall and Winter they’ve just introduced a whole set of bows in sumptuous velvet.  Can you imagine a cozy cashmere sweater and a velvet bow in your hair?  Talk about comfort and class, this may just be the perfect combination!  You can even slip them onto your wrist with your favorite stack for a little something different.

Bun Bow 2

The best part? They’re made individually in a small, eco-friendly environment right in the US of A. Inspiring, creative, and hard working, I’d say Gina is a true Lemon Lady for sure!



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