Mama’s Boy: Not Your College Tequila

What are your memories of tequila? Good? Didn’t think so. Like the rest of us, they probably involve some salt, a lime, and a whole lot of bad decisions. Let me introduce you to Mama’s Boy Infusions.


Mama’s Boy is here to change the way you think about tequila. What makes Mama’s Boy different from all of those other gold and silver bottles of tequila you quickly pass on your way to the wine section is that it’s got a kick to it. Now it’s not just the signature chili blend that they’ve infused to perfection, it’s the delicious notes of pineapple and mango that keep the tequila sweet and tasty. You can enjoy it on the rocks, or in one of their speciality cocktail creations.

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In addition to producing some killer tequila, Mama’s Boy does it all for a good cause. Founder, Sean Conley, created Mama’s Boy out of passion and love for his mother, who has arthritis. Along with Mama’s Boy Cycling team, Conley has raised thousands for the Arthritis Foundation. It doesn’t hurt that Mama’s Boy also rocks an awesome logo that we wouldn’t mind repping on a snap back or covering our body in their temporary tattoos.

Want to learn more about Mama’s Boy? Check out their website here.



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