Petbox: Not Your Average Subscription


Over the past decade, subscription boxes have started to become all the rage. You can get subscriptions for everything from sample and/or full-sized cosmetics to clothing, wine, food and more. With so many choices, the simple act of shopping can be stressful. In addition, we are bombarded with magazines telling us what is cool and what isn’t. Sometimes you just don’t want to be responsible for making all those choices. What if you pick the wrong item and waste your money? Or, if you can’t afford a stylist, isn’t a subscription box the next best thing?

This way, you get handpicked, quality items that even you have never even heard of. Many times, you get products you would have not sought out in the first place. I myself have tried several subscription-style services and don’t have anything bad to say about any of them except for one. But that is just my personal preference, and I will keep it to myself. The only thing is having too many subscriptions can also add up, so it’s important to pick one or two that suit your needs best.

Recently, I was intrigued by the PetBox subscription box. As a lover of all pets, I have been wanting to try it. Growing up, I’ve had cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, rabbits, fish and turtles. I loved them all and mourned when any of them passed away–icluding my beloved fish. What I liked about PetBox is with every purchase, it donates its proceeds to local pet shelters and charities. You are therefore getting premium quality items and doing good at the same time.


The company was founded by Sean Conlon and Will Ford in 2013 and headquartered in San Diego. Plans start at $7.95 per month with free shipping within the United States. Some of their partners include Kong, Nylabone, Cloud Star and The Honest Kitchen. You can choose a one-month subscription just to try it out, and you won’t get any spam mail either. After that, you tell them about your pet. You can also pick the items or choose to “be surprised.” I like the “be surprised” option. I also went with a basic box to start.

When the items arrived, they came in a beautifully bright blue box wrapped in black tissue paper with a blue, logo-emblazoned sticker. Moreover, there is a notecard listing all of the products within your box. Since I currently have the cuddliest cat you can imagine, I chose the cat box for my first delivery. When it was delivered, I was elated and found a Cat Dancer interactive cat toy, catnip candy mice, The Honest Kitchen Smittens (freeze-dried haddock treats) and Natural Balance Perfect Bites (Salmon Formula) inside.

The minute I opened the box, my cat immediately perked up. He could sense these treats and toys were for him. His first action was to pick up the catnip mice with his teeth and throw them around the room, tumbling around with them for several minutes. Then, I opened the Smittens treats, gave him a few and he gobbled them up. After that, I unwound the Cat Dancer toy. I was amazed at how much he tried to chase after something that seemed so simple to me. The next day, I put a few of the salmon perfect bites into his food bowl, and he liked those as well. So, it was like his birthday, and I was happy the box provided him so much joy. In addition, it feels good that proceeds help out pets in need as well.

Have you tried the Petbox subscription box yet? Let us know in the comments section below!


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