Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: High-Tech Edition

Whether you are wealthy or just have a taste for luxury items, there are so many products available on the market that can make your life easier. This is for those who enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Read on for the top five luxury tech devices for those who only want the best items available today.

Courtesy of Lime

Courtesy of Lime

Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition Ear buds

These artisan made 18-carat gold ear buds mix form and function to result in high quality ear buds that look amazing. Happy Plugs are a fantastic statement item and comprise nearly a full ounce of 18-carat gold with a gold plated audio jack and braided gold cord. Users report that these offer exceptional sound quality and can even be used to make and answer phone calls with a built-in microphone. For $14,500, you can show your class and style while listening to your music.

IMAX Private Theater

Do you love to go to an IMAX film but hate dealing with those pesky “other people?” For approximately $2.5 million, you can add a private IMAX facility in your home theater. The system features the high quality surround sound that makes the IMAX experience. Popcorn, anyone?

iWallet Biometric Locking Wallet

At $560, this wallet straddles the line between luxury and necessity in our current times. The iWallet holds up to three charge cards and nine bills at a time and can only be opened with the owner’s finger. The owner can even link the iWallet to their phone to ping the device with the phone if the owner loses it. This is a great deal to ensure your cash and credit cards don’t find themselves in the wrong hands.

Vertu Constellation Smartphone

Courtesy of Digital Spy

Courtesy of Digital Spy

This is truly the highest quality smartphone available commercially today. Starting at just $14,000, the Vertu Constellation has a huge and crystal clear display with excellent front and back cameras, top quality sound, a fast processor, titanium case and leather back. The device is dual core driven, Android based and offers much better coverage than most phones available on the market. It is thin like most smartphones today, but significantly lighter because of the titanium cover. Don’t forget to remove it from your pocket prior to swimming from the stern of your private yacht.

Moenio Digital Home Spa

After a long day, you can come home and relax in a private spa that is set to your personal liking. This digital device lets users adjust pressure and temperature to give you a custom feel in your own home. With too many features to mention, this device only costs $3,000, which can easily be spent in mere months at a luxury spa.

So, which of these devices are you striving to afford? Or, perhaps you already have a few? Let us know in the comments section below!


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    Visnaya F.

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