NOLA: Couture Color with Gaudet Bros

The last time I colored my hair was in 2005 and it was blood red. Yes, blood red. What started out as a simple addition to my Halloween costume lingered for months, turning from red to pink to a putrid orange. I guess that’ll teach ya not to color your hair from a box. After finally having enough, my stepmother made the executive decision that I needed to get it fixed and my bob went from orange to a wonderful highlighted blonde.

Since then, I haven’t kept it up because, well, let’s be honest, coloring isn’t too easy on your pockedbook. But one day I looked in the mirror and just felt that my once long, beautiful blonde hair was now dull and boring. I needed a change. Enter of Gaudet Bros. Thanks to the lovely of Hazel & Florange and the blog Oui We Girl, I was able to get a wonderful color and styling courtesy of the Gaudet Bros, founded by , at their event in May.

Photos by Hunter Holder

Photos by Hunter Holder

I went into it a little nervous for my first color in nine years, not really knowing what balayage highlighting was, Greg’s speciality. Lucky for me, he killed it. I fell immediately in love with my blonder, sun-kissed locks and he even threw in some temporary pink color on my tips to get me through this pastel trend we seem to be having. For those who may not be in the know (like me), balayage is a form of highlighting, similar to ombré, but with not as stark of contrast between the dark and light. It is also put on the hair without foils and requires quite a bit of technique of the stylist. Once the color was done, Micah stepped in to style and make sure I was lookin’ fresh. It didn’t hurt that these two guys are possibly the coolest dudes there are in the hair business.

End product? A happy gal with a fresh color for summer. I can definitely say I’ve been turned on to the not-so-dark side of hair coloring. Expect a visit from me the next time I’m in town, boys!

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Photos by Hunter Holder

Interested in getting yourself some balayage highlights or a styling session with the Gaudet Bros? Check out their website. You won’t be disappointed!


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