Here’s what you need to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Cindy and WhitneyLaunched in 2012, the Piper Collection is the exceptional work of mother and daughter design team, Cindy and Whitney Caudle. Cindy has over 26 years of design experience — 23 of those years dedicated to owning an antique and gift store in Charlotte, N.C. She specializes in home design and has worked on projects from Connecticut to Georgia with a client list of about 150 with 21 current projects.

Her best advice for home decorating, and she’s said it hundreds of times, “do it once and do it right. Don’t put a Band-Aid on the problem when it needs a full face lift. If it takes 2 years to afford to buy the right piece then save your money.”

While studying textile design at the University of Alabama, Cindy’s daughter, Whitney, interned in New York City with David Yurman and Chan Luu. She found inspiration in how a piece of jewelry can transform a person and their outfit. “I would see all these pillow companies that were out there but they all looked the same,” said Whitney. “I thought about how I could create pillows that transform a room or a piece of furniture, like jewelry.” Whitney and Cindy partnered up to do just that—produce pillows that feature bold color combinations, graphic textures, and a youthful sophistication that anyone can love! And lucky for us, they’re giving us their picks for spring just in time for (much needed) warmer weather.

piper picksBy Jaclyn McNeil


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