Split, Croatia; A different kind of vacation

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Split, Croatia is located along the Dalmatian Coast (Yes, that’s where the dog comes from) and overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

Sleep for Cheap

Split, largely a tourist and cruise haven for Europeans lacks the large high rises and traditional beach vacation hotels. Instead, the coastal town is home to a number a beautifully run “Design Hostels”.  Goli and Bosi Design Hostel or the Silver Gate Hostel boasts top reviews and a great free breakfast! The hostels also host a large beach-seeking student population. If you book with enough people, the hostels also offer private and suite options. With student options, the concierge is often able to point you places within budget, or free beaching options.

Soak up the Sun

First, the options in any beach town are almost endless to sleep, read, eat drink and play on the beach. Split, however, boasts both sandy and rocky beaches for adventurous and relaxer in all of us. On either side of the main city boardwalk, Rocky beaches allow for cliff jumping and a more remote, locals beach scene; whereas the sandy beaches attracts larger crowds, American music and on-beach bars.

Outside of strict “beaching” Split is also home to some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Europe. Largely untouched by European wars, Diocletian’s Temple is right in the city center amongst shops and restaurants. The ruins, which you can explore free of charge or opt for walking tours, who always offer English options!

Exploring beyond Split, the coastal town is a huge docking point for smaller cruise lines and has many “island hopping” tours across the Adriatic Sea to nearby islands of Brač or Havr, showing more untouched Croatian culture. Less interested in spending money? Ferry boats run between islands for a lot less than a private charter.

Eat like a Local

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When in Rome! The mantra may come in handy when you are served the island specialty: grilled sea bass. Seafood is one of the least expensive options on the shore! However, be ready to see a lot of your next meal. Croatians like their seafood fresh, and you will see the entire thing (heads and all!) If you can take the plunge, you won’t be disappointed!

For the less strong stomach, Croatians are very proud of their proximity to Italy and delicious on –the-boardwalk pizza. Also along the boardwalk, food stalls serve local specialties of Nutella donuts, crepes and pastries.

Finally: explore the city! From nightlife, to beaches to ancient temples this is a beach town unlike any other! The student paradise offers low prices, public beaches and options to set sail. Split sits atop some of the most famous ruins in history that has left a beautiful town, unique architecture and perfect temperatures. So try sea bass, go cliff jumping and shop on a Croatian Kuna budget!

By Margaret Mulkerrin

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