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Eastern Market Produce

If you’re buying groceries at a supermarket, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s Sunday morning. I am once again presented with the ever-pressing question: to go outside and sweat or watch Netflix? But this, my friends, is worth setting an alarm for. (On a Sunday? I know, I promise.)

My Sunday morning has developed a tradition of setting an alarm and exploring Eastern Market in DC. Eastern Market on Sunday is the reason to get up early, bring your reusable bag and beat the DC heat! I have found some of the best food, produce and jewelry at the various sections of Eastern Market on 7th Street South East. Eastern Market was originally founded in 1873 in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Just off the Blue and Orange Metro lines, at the station aptly titled “Eastern Market,” you will find stands, outdoor restaurants and no shortage of locals. A lesser-known tourist attraction, the outdoor community serves as a safe haven from lost families and Smithsonians during DC’s popular summer.

This neighborhood specializes in local. Inside the famous brick building, you will find local ice cream, meat and flowers. Yet, if you walk along the left hand side of this building, your nose and taste buds will have a field day! Domestic fruits and vegetables are sprinkled amongst artisans with their handmade products and stalls. From soaps to candles to handmade jewelry, you will find one-of-a-kind items and the story behind some of DC’s hidden talent.

Eastern Market Jewelry

The Flea Market: an exercise in self-restraint. From vintage hunting to the perfect statement necklace to homemade iPad and kindle covers, I cannot leave empty handed! Not to mention, one can certainly make brunch of samples and food stalls while wandering amongst these photographers, artists and true DC stories (And did I mention freshly made pretzels and crepes?!). You will find antiques and treasures that won’t break the bank ($1 jewelry! Haggling for prices!) while enjoying live music at this weekends-only flea market. Generally, I have also found that fresher, better tasting produce at the Eastern Market is often cheaper than at DC’s commercial supermarkets.

Now, whatever you do, get up and go on Sunday mornings! Take time to rest and relax for the work week when the sun goes down. Eastern Market is a fun, inexpensive way to explore Washington through fellow locals and a bustling weekend culture.

Another plus of my favorite place in DC? Just about the most Instagram-able block in South East. Not to mention, I saw Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) at the flea market! How’s that for DC irony?


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