Sweat Work: Social Fitness at your fingertips

The traditional banker itinerary of steak dinners or sporting events has been transitioning to a new kind of entertainment: sweat sessions at boutique fitness studios. Even the over committed professional cannot handle a work hard, play hard and sweat hard.  Something’s gotta give.  According to the CDC, the majority (68%) of adults over 20 are obese or overweight and nearly 1 in 2 American adults live with at least one chronic illness. The facts aren’t pretty.

Busy schedules are simply unable to cater to 10-hour workdays, schmoozing sessions, AND personal life agendas. Instead of a 2-hour dinner where you likely wouldn’t “talk shop” until the last 20 minutes anyway, why not replace that with a 45-minute indoor cycling or boot camp class?

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Over the last few years, urban cities have seen a positive growth in specialized fitness options. According to FitMapped, the NYC fitness scene averages two boutique studio launches monthly. The “pay-per-class” drop-in phenomenon has been booming in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston. Fitness seekers realize they don’t have to be members of a specific gym anymore to get a group class workout. As a result, the happy hours and brunches are now evolving and being replaced with social fitness get-togethers.

In order to encourage this healthy behavior and because the future of fitness is all about connectivity, people need a place to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts. That’s why Sweat Sync was born!

Sweat Sync is a tool to motivate fitness seekers and encourage them to maintain their fitness routines through a social platform. Through our platform, users will be able to see each other’s fitness activity, plan workout meet-ups, compare their fitness ‘scorecards’ and find other fitness enthusiasts who share the same fitness interests. Our goal is to help users stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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