How To Feel At Home (Even When You’re Not)

How to Feel at Home

There was a time in my life when I was a pretty pro traveler. You know that line in airport security specifically identified for seasoned fliers? Yeah, that line was for me. Passport in hand, rolling luggage the exact carry-on size, slip-on shoes. I had the system down to a simplified science.

I’m not confessing to losing my touch in this regard, but I do admit I have a newly modified approach to travel, especially in the long term sense. While I don’t think I’ve ever experienced definitive homesickness, though some serious symptoms of it, there is something to be said for closing the gap between leaving home and taking home with you.

Bring something specific. Something that reminds you of home and makes you feel more comfortable. That’s going to be something wildly different for everyone, I would imagine, and I’m surely not suggesting that you pack up your entire bedroom. Can you imagine? Instead, take a small memento, a framed picture or a piece of jewelry that gives you a feeling of security and self when you see it or hold it in your hand.

Stay involved. If you’re keeping busy, you have less time to think about how your surroundings or weird or you can’t find a good coffee shop or how much you miss your boyfriend or mom or cat. Not that missing people is bad or appreciating what home offers is frowned upon. Rather, being in the moment and the surroundings in which you find yourself will give you a bigger appreciation for what you’re learning, seeing, and, who and what you’re returning to.

Send postcards. Or emails. Tell someone familiar what you’re up to. Not only is it a nice way to stay in touch, but it keeps you reminded of the people in your life. What could be more comforting than that?

Before you know it, you’ll be back on a plane (or a bus or a train) in the opposite direction, with mementos of the place you just were, tons of awesome pictures on your Instagram feed, Tweeting to the world “I’m going to miss it here!”


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