Momstrology: A Star-Crossed Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome to May, Lemon Ladies, a month dedicated to big hats, long weekends, better weather and, oh yeah, mom. That’s right, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th – hardly a week away! Which means the scramble to find that perfect, heartfelt gift to show mom just how much she means to you (and all too often ends in a card and a phone call) has just begun. Lucky for you, Sweet Lemon is here to help. This year, let the stars guide you to the ultimate Mother’s Day present using the age-old art of Momstrology




For the Aries Mom… Chances are, you probably never won a single round of go-fish against your cardshark Aries momma. She’s got a great poker face and loves to spend afternoons with her gals playing for keeps. Get your mother ram a cute deck of cards for Mother’s Day and volunteer to finally learn the rules of cribbage after brunch al fresco.


For the Taurus Mom… Growing up your house always smelled amazing and you could always cuddle up next to mom on the couch, wrapped in the world’s coziest blankets. An earthy Taurus mom is all about living the sensual life, so please her sight, smell and taste with a mini herb garden for her to take care of when you’re away.


For the Gemini Mom… She taught you how to read before you could even tie your own shoes, and she always made sure you sent your thank you cards after every birthday, graduation and holiday. Your Gemini mom is the master communicator of the zodiac, so why not get her some personalized stationary for all of her many correspondences and, of course, to appease her love of snail mail.


For the Cancer Mom… Your sentimental momma truly loved every gluey, noodley, crepe-paper work of art just as much as she said she did, and if she doesn’t still have them covering her walls, they’re definitely stowed lovingly in the attic along with your bronzed baby booties. A handmade gift or a poem you wrote for her would leave her teary-eyed for days. In a good way.


For the Leo Mom… One word: Jewelry. You know your lioness mother is too fabulous for her own good, so figure out what your budget can afford and get her something that sparkles as brightly as she does.


For the Virgo Mom… If you grew up with this goddess, you still make your bed every morning and carry the Tide stick she sent you at all times. Yes, the Virgo mom finds solace in the orderly and she loves spending time at her desk, checking things off her to-do list. Brand new office supplies or something pretty (but not distracting) to put in her office would please her to no end.


For the Libra Mom… Ideally, you’ll be flying home to see your Libra mommy this year, as spending time together is her thang, but if you can’t make it this year, sending a good book will do. You know (after the countless – endless – conversations she’s struck up with strangers) that she’s a people person, so get her a biography of someone you know will inspire her.


For the Scorpio Mom… This is a mom who loves anything classic and finely crafted. She’s always had an enviable, timeless style, which is why anything monogrammed would be the perfect gift for your individualistic Scorpio mother.


For the Sagittarius Mom… Okay, we get it. You had the most fun childhood ever and you probably have a deeply engrained passion for the outdoors. Take your adventure-loving Sag mommy for a long hike in her favorite national park, or spend the day taking rock climbing lessons to ensure she has the Best Mother’s Day Ever (and secure favorite-child status).


For the Capricorn Mom… On the mantel of your childhood home you could probably count no less than five family heirlooms on display. It only makes sense, the goat happens to be the sign that rules history, so your best bet would be something beautiful you picked up at the flea market, or some other piece of memorabilia from your adoptive home town.


For the Aquarius Mom… Your mom is on Facebook. And Twitter. And she knows what Instagram is. Her preferred method of communication is texting you from her Android… Well, this is the age of Aquarius after all, so naturally, any sort of new-fangled gadget is sure to please your cutting edge madre. Until next year at least.


For the Pisces Mom… What’s it like to have such a cool mom? With a mother as introspective and imaginative as yours, you could do no wrong getting her a trippy print from a local art collective, or perhaps a new book on dream meanings to add to her collection. She would more than likely find that “far out”.


…And of course, no matter what her sign might be, don’t forget to tell her that you love her all day long!



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