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Like many Sweet Lemon readers, I’m (hopefully) moving into my first apartment of my very own this summer. With decorating my own apartment, I’ve realized that there are details that I may not have thought about when living with roommates, and as we know it’s all in the details.


One of those important decorating details is the art of the coffee table book. A large book, typically hardcover and consisting primarily of pictures, the coffee table book has been a quintessential element in American living rooms since the 1950′s. They’re the perfect item for a guest to pick up and they always offer just a little insight into the owner’s interests. While I have a few coffee table books, they’ve never actually been able to grace a coffee table since, with roommates, there always seems to be some sort of project or meal going on in the living room. With my own place though, will come my own coffee table to style and I plan on investing in quite a few of the quintessential coffee table books.


A mix of design, style, and society are perfect for adorning a sophisticated coffee table. You’ll want a little color, a little black white, and a lot of fabulous images, but most of all you’ll want to pick topics that intrigue you and speak to your personal aesthetic. To get you started, I’ve assembled my dream coffee table combination. There’s classic Hollywood glamour with Audrey Hepburn, gorgeous design with Charlotte Moss, Kate Spade color and a dash of quirkiness, Slim Aarons’ depictions of lounging poolside, the beloved first Lilly Pulitzer book on entertaining, and, of course, the timeless style of Jackie O.



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  • Reply August 5, 2013


    I literally want every one of these! Especially the Audrey Style and Kate Spade ones. Loved this :)