Abigail Strock: Capitalizing on Social Media One Jewel at a Time


Many of you may recognize this Lemon Lady! If you are on Instagram, chances are you have come across Abigail Strock, or by . She has an amazing eye for mixing prints, jewels, and accessories and photographing them in a unique and cohesive way.  All of her photographs seem to flow from one to the next as if you are walking through a beautiful showroom or gallery.  I definitely have been inspired by how she mixes high and low pieces with just the right mix of girly and edgy.

But what is even more phenomenal about Mrs. Strock, is that she has been able to utilize social media to grow her business with Stella & Dot, a jewelry company who distributes through independent stylists.  Through her persistence, savvy business sense and attention to social media, Abby has been promoted  multiple times throughout her career with the company, earning her special perks!  And to top it all off, she is also a full time professional working as a contract specialist for the Department of Defense, a wife, and a newly announced mother to be! Read more to see how Abby has made social media work for her, and what influences her style!


Victoria Budosh: How did you start getting involved with S&D?

Abigail Strock: I first found Stella and Dot when a friend of mine had a show, I fell in love with the jewelry and hosted my own show…I was so hooked that I ended up signing up as a Stylist. This was during the time I was planning my wedding and the extra money came in very handy!

VB: What are your goals as a S&D business owner?

AS: My personal goal was achieved last month when I promoted to Star Stylist, this is what’s referred to as the “sweet spot” with a nice pay increase and great perks from the company. Each month I set a personal sales goal as well as a recruitment goal, I’m always looking for great girls to add to my team! If I hit my goals I reward myself, if I don’t…there’s always next month!

VB: What was the biggest turning point in your business?

AS: Like so many business my success didn’t happen overnight. I really had to get out there and meet new people and let them know how much I love this jewelry (vendor shows, local community events, etc). About a year ago I made it a goal to have 5 shows in the month, which I did…from this a lot of new shows were booked…the rest is history.


VB:  What has been the most effective way to grow your business? Any tips?

AS: Social media has been a huge help, specifically on Instagram…it’s free and it’s fast! I’ve connected with so many great ladies! Some host shows, some shop, some are other Stella and Dot stylists. I also think people become curious about Stella and Dot when they see my success and how happy I am about it! I just booked a trip to Florida with my Stella and Dot money, and when I tell people that they want to know more!  Let people know what you’re up to (but don’t over saturate your account by “selling” to people). It’s done wonders for my business!

VB: What is your greatest accomplishment?

AS: Obtaining Star Stylist with Stella and Dot, and being able to make big purchases with my blue card (Stella and Dot Visa Card)

VB: What is your dream job?

AS: I’d love to own my own boutique, something small with a mix of high and low brands; I’d love to expand that business online to reach a larger audience.

VB:  How has being involved with S&D impacted your life professionally and personally?

AS: Stella and Dot has been great for me; the extra money has allowed my husband and I the freedom to do new things (maybe something simple like trying a new restaurant, or going on a vacation). It has allowed me to meet new people and share my love of fashion and accessories with a large audience. I believe in the company and the jewels…it doesn’t feel like work when I style ladies at a trunk show! There are some challenges, working a full time job and then spending your evenings and weekends meeting with a stylist or hosting a trunk show takes time away from my husband; with a baby on the way this will be even more difficult. At the end of the day my family comes first, if I see Stella and Dot (or anything else) getting in the way of that I will make adjustments.

VB: Do you have any strategies for work/life balance?

AS: You have to list your priorities and don’t let anything get in the way of that. I try and limit myself to one trunk show and one meeting a week, which allows me enough time to spend with my husband, friends and family, and still be successful in my career.

VB: Any advice for stylists starting out?

AS: Don’t get discouraged too easily!  With persistence you’ll be successful. Make the business work for you, don’t work for the business, do what feels right…and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

VB: What is your fave way to relax?

AS:  Reading a good book, catching up on reality tv, shopping, working out, organizing (yes I’m a little OCD)…I could go on for days!

VB: Tell me something that nobody would know based by your social media exposure?

AS:  I’m obsessed with rap music (listen to it all the time and know all the words) and I hate the color purple.


VB: Stella and Dot piece every woman should own would be…?

AS: Renegade bracelet! It’s the perfect amount of edge, yet stylish and chic! I never take mine off.

VB: What influences your personal style?

AS: I read a lot of fashion blogs and look at what celebrities are wearing…it’s fun to be inspired by an outfit but put your own spin on it. If I could have anybody’s wardrobe it would be Rachel Zoe…just obsessed with her look!

VB: Lastly, what is your coveted item for spring?

AS: A good pair of boyfriend jeans are a must (especially when you’re pregnant!). The fit needs to be relaxed, yet structured. They can be dressed up or down and just have a way of just matching everything.

Thank you so much to Abigail Strock for sharing her tips for social media success! To find out more about Stella & Dot, click here.


All images courtesy of Abigail Strock.

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  • Reply May 7, 2013


    LOVE Abigail’s style & love for S&D! I have been a follower for some time and even through just a photo it sometimes reminds me why I love this company. The comments other women leave just go to show that great jewels can make anyone happy!

  • Reply May 7, 2013


    Wow Abby, what a terrific article! You are awesome and it’s a pleasure to work with you AND buy more S&D from you. You rock girlfriend!! :-)