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By day: Insights and Planning Analyst for 360i (the digital agency that set social media ablaze with the Superbowl Oreo tweet). By night + weekend: She’s the First volunteer advocating for girls’ education in the developing world. Digital Advisor for leadership and innovation thought leader Erica Dhawan. 24/7: Endorphin-fueled redhead.

And now, she’s cataloging her New York City life of health and fitness  (plus some philanthropy and career knowledge) into a central hub. Welcome to the blogosphere, Evann Clingan. A former SLM contributer, we couldn’t adore her more and are thrilled about her latest venture. She’s active, driven and quirky – not to mention, absolutely adorable. A modern-day Superwoman at the ripe age of 25, if Ev isn’t your girl crush yet, she’s certainly about to be.


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Meet the Gal Behind

Evann’s Life Motto: ”Amazing people do not just happen.”

One Thing She Can’t Go a Day Without: ”If my calendar and debit card would allow it, I’d start or end each day with an indoor cycling class. When I’m clipped in to a bike, nothing outside the studio matters. Realistically, I couldn’t go a day without my iPhone. It keeps me connected and informed.”

Inspiration Behind Her Blog: ”While I grew up dancing and worked at the campus gym during college, my level of activity dropped when I started my career in New York City. I knew I needed to change that, but I feared getting back in shape meant lots of miles on the treadmill. I don’t consider myself a natural runner, so I decided to start taking boutique fitness classes this past spring (indoor cycling, TRX, barre, etc.). These classes have transformed my life. Fitting workouts into my schedule encourages me to eat healthier and think more positively. I may not be the strongest for fastest person in the class, but I remind myself that it’s making the healthy decision that matters. I hope to share those decisions through my blog, so people can find a few that fit their own lifestyle.”

What Her Blog Can Teach Others: ”My blog will be a true reflection of what it’s like to find healthy balance as a 20-something. I’ve followed a cycling class with a cheeseburger and turned off my alarm before a morning run. Haven’t we all? And we should be okay with it. I want to fill my posts with ideas for how people can make healthy choices (both big and small), so they can also indulge when they want to. I’ll cover topics ranging from how to find the guts to try a new workout to how to make your first green juice.”

People Would Be Surprised to Know: “First, people would be surprised to know that I’m a fitness fanatic who doesn’t consider myself athletic. You don’t have to be an athlete to be healthy, but you might surprise yourself as you get stronger. People are also surprised to hear that I don’t fully consider myself an extrovert. I’m definitely an energetic people person, but I recharge by spending time alone. My favorite way to do that is by taking a print copy of a magazine to Central Park.”


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  • Reply August 12, 2013

    Evann Clingan

    Thank you so much for featuring me, Sweet Lemon! Your team has been nothing but supportive of my launch. XO -E

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