Sweet Lemon Grammy Playlist

I had a different post planned for this week, but when fellow Zesty Digest blogger, Ali Vitali, tweeted a request for a Grammy playlist I was pulled to honor her request. I figured you all may be sick of Valentine’s Day talk by the time I got to my love songs post, anyway. Thanks for the suggestion, Ali!

Though I toyed with the idea of a Pre-Grammy’s post, I figured it would be more fun to point out some of my favorite (and not so favorite) moments of the Awards Show.

Favorite Solo Performance

Best Dressed Female

Kelly Rowland

Best Dressed Male
Justin Timberlake takes the cake again

Biggest “Huh!?” Moment
Lena Dunham dates a member of Fun.? Apparently this was in US Weekly in September, so I guess it was only a Huh!? Moment for me.

Strangest (Not the Good Kind) Performance Moment
Carrie Underwood’s changing dress

Honorable mentions include: Taylor Swift and everything she does. Tribute to Levon Helms. Elton John and Ed Sheeran collaboration. Maroon Five and Alicia Keys collaboration. And, because they can do no wrong, The Lumineers.

While some years the Grammys have been disappointing, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with this year’s show. Though one question remains. He didn’t perform. He received no nominations, and he wasn’t present. So where was Mr. Justin Bieber?

The answer…. drumroll please… hosting his own Livestream to compete with the Grammys. Hmm. I love you, Biebs, but that’s just a little tacky.

What was YOUR favorite Grammy moment? Until next time, Adair Out.

(That’s a Seacrest reference).


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