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I’m sure many of us had cleaning out our closets and decluttering our homes among our New Year’s resolutions. Now that we’re a month and a half into the year, many of us may be sitting around with newly organized closets and old clothes we don’t know what to do with. While donating them is often the obvious choice, there are other options for the young professional in need of a few extra bucks.

1. Ebay:
Ebay is best for clothes from the higher end “mall” stores like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, etc. You can set things either at a minimum auction price or a “buy it now” price. This is a little more labor intensive than some of the other options because you have to actually take pictures, write the listing, and then ship the item, however it’s the most lucrative way to sell all those J.Crew silk tops you don’t wear anymore.

2. Consignment Stores:
Consignment stores are the way to go for higher end clothes and accessories. Usually you will make 50% of the price at which the store sells the items and you are paid after the item sells. If you have nice, designer purses or shoes in great condition that are no longer your style but are still fashionably relevant, this is definitely the way to go.

3. Secondhand Shops: Secondhand shops will often buy clothes from you immediately rather than on consignment. Whenever I find myself with very gently used, trendy items from Target, Old Navy, or Forever 21 that I want to get rid of, I take them to a local secondhand shop. You won’t get much for each item, but even a few dollars is better than just throwing the clothes away!

4. Tradesy: Tradesy is a new online resource that you can use similar to ebay, but it features more brand names like Tory Burch, Jack Rogers, and Lilly Pulitzer and is easier to buy and sell fashions. You’ll likely find great pieces on these websites if you’re looking for new clothes at a cheaper price.

5. Facebook Groups: There are some specialty Facebook groups out there that are specifically geared towards certain types of clothes whether it’s Lilly Pulitzer (Re-Lilly is my personal favorite), preppy clothes, or designer purses. These Facebook groups are also great resources to find great deals! Just make sure you block them from your newsfeed or you’ll be inundated with new listings constantly.

And, when in doubt, there’s always the donate option. There are always people in need of your gently used clothes. I usually give things a couple weeks of trying to sell them online before I take them to the local Goodwill drop off box. No matter where your clothes end up, they are going to a new life, one beyond the back of your closet!


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  • Reply February 14, 2013


    There’s also a site I recently heard about called ThreadFlip. People sell their higher end or brand-name clothes, shoes, etc and you can also shop other people’s closets. I’m trying it out to see if I like it.