Revamp Your Living Room

Revamp Your Living Room
Every so often, just like my closet, I feel like the decor in my house needs a few new pieces. But, as fabulous as re-decorating is, it can also be extremely expensive. If you feel like your living room needs a revamp, try adding these items to your space:

1. Printed Curtains:
Printed curtain can give your room a fun, modern feel without being too overwhelming. It’s important to choose a print that is somewhat cohesive with the main pieces in your room and not too harsh on the eyes. For a while we had solid curtains in our living room and the minute we swapped them for a print, it gave the room a new sense of modernity. P.S. These Ikat Ogee Linen Window Panels from West Elm are on sale right now!2. A Signature Piece: You have to be careful not to fill the room with too many knick knacks. Instead, choose one or two pieces that really represent you. I love mermaids so when I saw these ceramic mermaid bookends from At West End, I fell in love. I think it’s great to choose something that adds a pop of color as well. I later saw these in Shoshanna’s apartment on HBO’s Girls and they were adorable.

3. A Mirror: Mirrors not only open up a space, but they can also make a room look bigger. Hanging a mirror like this Baroque Aged Silver-Leaf Mirror from Restoration Hardware (also on sale) will warm up your space and is great for that last glance when you’re running out the door. It’s also a good option for those of us who just can’t decide on a piece of artwork, but want something to finish off the room.

4. A Table: You don’t necessarily need a traditional, bulky coffee table. Instead, why not opt for one or two of these Martini side tables from West Elm? These come in various colors but the Antique Brass is very chic. I love that it goes with a variety of color pallets. It can become home to a couple of your favorite coffee table books or stand on its own as a beautiful statement piece.


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