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Most, if not all, Sweet Lemon readers are pretty into their careers. This means long days and late nights at the office. Unfortunately, this also usually includes long hours in front of a desk and a computer, and probably not a whole lot of movement. Maybe you pop out to grab lunch or a coffee, but other than that not much. You might even take the subway or the tube to work so that a quick walk and fresh air are not something you get much of each day. In addition, long hours usually end up translating into not a lot of sleep. It’s the first thing that gets cut when we need a bit more time in our day than restricted to just 24 hours. Often times we don’t realize just how little we move and sleep. We don’t feel great, but we fail to make the connection to these two very simple and underestimated problems, not enough fitness, not enough rest.

In steps: Up by Jawbone. This little bracelet takes some simple concepts and turns them into big revelations. It helps you to do just what its tag line states : know yourself. The basics of Up are that it tracks your daily steps and sleep. When you first pick up your band you create a profile entering all of your basic information, including height, weight, gender and even a picture along with a few other details.

Next, you set goals. Numbers are provided based on experts’ recommendations and averages of all users to help you, but ultimately you choose your number and select your goal. Once you’ve made these crucial decisions, you simply slip the band into your usual stack and, off you go. Did I mention that they were spotted mixed in with bracelets and bangles all of NYFW?

Up Band By Jawbone

The concept almost seems too simple, but the thing about thing about the Up band is that when you plug it into your iPhone, open the app and it reveals that you’ve only slept for four hours and have walked virtually nowhere, it holds you more accountable. The numbers are right there in front of you and there’s no denying them. You and a friend can compare numbers over your morning cappuccinos. It makes you more aware of yourself and it’s revealing about your life.

It also means that if you’re a visual or a goal oriented person (which you all are, of course) it might mean that you think twice and walk a few extra blocks instead of taking the subway or give in and turn that light out before midnight. It seems silly, but when we see our goals met and the little flash on the screen that indicates this, it’s rewarding and satisfying. It encourages us to take better care of ourselves because we all know we are way more likely to work for that little bit of recognition, even if it’s just seeing that charted progress on our phone screens.

Up takes this even a bit further. Forget just comparing numbers over capps, it actually allows you to link you profile with friends right on the app! A little friendly office competition anyone? I foresee lots more steps and sleeping in this case! It also allows you to log workouts (even though it magically knows when your running and for just how far and long) and schedule power naps, for which it calculates the optimum time and then vibrates gently to wake you from. It even has an idle alert. Set it to your liking, but after that 15 or 30 minutes it will vibrate to gently remind you that you should get up and stretch your legs just for a minute or two. Maybe check in on that project with a co-worker or grab another cup of coffee? No matter how you use it, this little band packs quite the punch when it comes to changing your lifestyle. I still haven’t even figured out all of what it can do yet, but I can tell you I already am starting to know myself a bit better!

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  • Reply February 22, 2014

    Ali Vitali

    I’ve had my Jawbone for just under a year and today it decided to record its last sleep cycle. The good news? Jawbone customer service was really responsive and sent me a new one. No arguments (under warranty, of course).

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