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Image 5Originally a pop-up shop, BITE Beauty Lip Lab now has a permanent home at 174 Prince Street in Soho. Bring in an inspirational image, your favorite discontinued color or just a description of what you are looking for to create a custom lipstick that will be all your own. Perfect for a girl’s day or bridal event, you will be a part of the whole process and see your dream lip color come to life.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon I headed over to Soho on a quest to make the perfect pink lip color. Upon entering the lab I was greeted by Asia, the lipstick technician who would soon help me bring the idea of my perfect pink lipstick to fruition. I started the process by sitting across from Asia at a vanity where rows of colored pigment pots lay waiting to be selected. I began by explaining that I was looking for a very light, but saturated pink that would pop and not blend in with my fair complexion. I chose to go with a matte finish, but you have a choice of sheer, matte, luminous crème, and crème deluxe, which is a finish that contains Japanese silk powder for added conditioning.

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Asia started by mixing pigments together and within moments she presented me with a lipstick brush with a color for me to try. I applied it to my lips and we both felt that it needed to be lighter, but still maintain the color saturation. She got back to work swirling together three different pigments, but this time she added more white and voilà I found my color!

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Just when I thought I couldn’t get any giddier over my personalized lip color, I was presented with the task of choosing a scent.Adding a scent to your lipstick is optional, but all of the fragrances are made with essential oils making them even more enticing. I went with a mix of vanilla and mint, which thinking about it now is a strange combination, but somehow it works. I love the blend of the classic vanilla and fresh mint scents together.

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Once you have made all of your selections you are able to watch the process of the lipstick transforming from a pigment on your personalized palette to a sleek black tube. The colors are blended together in a centrifuge and then cooled to create the signature lipstick shape. The final step is naming your lipstick color and you are all set!

The appointments typically take between 15 to 20 minutes and the actual lipstick creation process is only 7 minutes long! If you ever happen to loose you lipstick or want another tube don’t fret because your personalized lip color ingredients are on file at the Lip Lab.

You can still be part of the fun even if you don’t live in New York, as the store takes requests via email at . Gift cards are also available.

Image 4The perfect pink (for me!) has already brightened up my winter look and will transition right into spring. Starting at just $36 it is comparable to our favorite designer lipstick brands, but with the bonus of being custom to you. Besos!

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