Barbie Is #Unapologetic

Barbie is celebrating 50 years and she refuses to apologize for being so fabulous!

The very controversial subject of Barbie’s influence as a role model heats up as the release of the Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition hits newsstands this week, featuring Barbie in her zebra one piece on the promotional cover-wrap.  The issue also features a 4 page ad display of Barbie posed in some of her most famous swimsuit looks.  The publicity stunt is making headlines with the hashtag #unapologetic.  Is she being rude, or is she standing up for being true to herself??

Hey, I get it.  Barbie is a doll.  Not a real woman.

She can’t really make her own choices.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find #unapologetic empowering.  As women not only do we face body image issues, but we also face major issues being true to ourselves.  I appreciate a woman being bold, standing up to her nature during the time of adversity, even if her nature is not a popular or realistic standard.  Personally, I have wasted years doing what others wanted me to do.  I put everyone’s opinion of what a woman should be doing, before my own.  My parents, the church’s, boyfriends, friends; I became an adult who didn’t know who she was.  And that is 100 times scarier than a plastic doll that has her own Mansion with a matching pink Corvette.

Here’s my interpretation of this plastic diva’s message: Love yourself.  Be true to you.  Who you are matters.  What is in your heart matters.  Man made Barbie, but we were made out of love and pure positive golden glittery energy, and that light should never be dulled down. You know what is right.  You were born with the intuition and wisdom to use those blessings.  Let Barbie show you how to be your true amazing, beautiful and larger than life self.  Be proud, be bold and be #unapologetic.


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