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How to Curb those Summertime Blues

Summer evokes images of sandy beaches and poolside soirees, perhaps with a chilled cocktail in hand. But most of all, we associate summer with…

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Healthy sweet potato skins

Hosting a BBQ or headed to one and don’t know what to bring? What about bringing something totally DIFFERENT (but just as easy as…

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Fill ‘em up: Chocolate dessert cups

Summer in the city or just living in a hot place, you’d probably agree that on a hot day turning the oven on is…

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A new drink alternative for your next trip to the tropics

I love the fruity taste of a delicious Pina Colada (who doesn’t?) Feeling like I’m in the tropics, sipping on a drink without a…


Chicken Slaw in the Summertime

Looking for the perfect side dish? I am always looking for an alternative to the traditional pasta or potato salad to bring with me…


Mmm…cinnamon bun banana muffins

Good morning, heaven! Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I just need a sweet treat for breakfast- or anytime of day for that matter….


We’re putting a new spin on your standard chili recipe

With summer quickly approaching, many of us are ramping up our workouts and re-evaluating our eating habits. Not to mention the fact that “clean…

5 Easy Recipes for Brussels Sprouts

5 Easy Recipes for Brussels Sprouts

If I was stranded on an island with only one type of produce to choose from, I would without hesitation choose brussels sprouts. It’s…

Two Ways to Beet It

Two Ways to Beet It

Is it just me or are beets suddenly in vogue? Beets were never an appealing food to me, always appearing cold and grossly gelatinous….