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      Is 5SOS the New 1D?!

      Yep. We said it. But don’t panic, One Direction will still be at the top of our list; however, we might have just found…

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      One Direction Kills it at the AMA’s

      No matter your feelings on the British boy band, this performance was pure perfection. First of all, the guys looked great, as always. Different…

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      1D is leaked, all girls rejoice

      In case you didn’t hear from your 12 year old cousin (or your not-so-secretly 1D obsessed college friends), the One Direction album, Midnight Memories,…

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      When it’s late at night I find myself on YouTube searching for covers of songs. I don’t know about you, but I feel as…


      Sweet Lemon’s Boy Band Mix

      Backstreet’s back all right. Who would have known that when the Backstreet Boys announced they were back, in 1997, they would be back again….