When it’s late at night I find myself on YouTube searching for covers of songs. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though only good artists can take a popular song and change it so it becomes even better than the original. It’s hard to do, but here are some of this week’s late night obsessions!


One of my favorite bands The 1975, an alternative rock/indie band from Wilmslow in Cheshire, took the popular One Direction song and changed it completely. When I hear the original song, I just imagine going on a car ride with my closest girlfriends as we sing on the top of our lungs and dance in our seats. It’s  a cute song, and I would be lying if I told you guys that I didn’t know all the words…a guilty pleasure that may not be so guilty. Here comes The 1975, taking this pop song and creating it into a romantic melody. This is the song where you picture your boyfriend (or imaginary one…) serenading you. And just between us, I may have contributed to more than half of the views, and I may have a huge crush on Matthew Healy…


The next cover that I am currently obsessed with is by a 17-year-old country artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Jordan McIntosh. He takes Lil Wayne’s song and creates a version of it that’s speechless. Personally, I think he has made a hit with this cover! The song sounds more sincere when you hear the sweet words “you’re far from the usual” being sung by a country artist rather than a rapper. What do you guys think?



I’m pretty obsessed with these two covers, what are some of your recent faves?


Enjoy, and you’re welcome!


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  • Reply November 20, 2013


    Love these covers!