Things Happy Women Do

A few months ago, I started working at a small California-based company. It wasn’t too long into working there that I came to really…


Lifestyle Tips & Tricks: 98 and ¾ Percent Guaranteed

No one should forego a bikini on the beach (or that secret speedo in the back of your drawer… I’m looking at you, guys)….


10 Super Foods and Rules for Summer and Beyond

Food, diet, fitness… what it all boils, chops, and sweats down to is basic mathematics: To lose weight, you must take in fewer calories…

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The All-Encompassing Lifestyle Read: Relish

We’ve all flipped through cook books, self help books, style and fashion coffee table books, but it’s pretty rare to come across a true…

Tips for Cohabitating

A Lemon Lady’s Tips For Modern Homemaking

  artwork courtesy of Harbus Choosing to live with your partner is an extremely important life decision, and a huge step in your relationship….


NEAT Girl Obsessions

Living the NEAT life is not solely accomplished by mastering the “How To of Organizing”.  The NEAT life must come with NEAT products.  Check…


The Coffee Table Book

Like many Sweet Lemon readers, I’m (hopefully) moving into my first apartment of my very own this summer. With decorating my own apartment, I’ve…