Dear Jack: How do I throw my boyfriend a party?


“My boyfriends 28th birthday is coming up – we have been dating for about a year.  I want to throw him a party but am absolutely clueless how to throw a “guys” party.”

 Ok – first of all thanks for writing in.  Let’s get down to business.  I know girls love a birthday week – guys on the other hand do not.  I personally am of the school of thought, where I think a happy hour, followed by pre-game drinks, dinner and then drinks out is a bit excessive.  For a guy, I think his special night would probably best spent with some tunes, booze, and close buddies.  It gives folks the option to come and go, plus the party can continue on throughout the night.

Party prep – what do you need?

Friends – send out an e-vite two weeks ahead (no Facebook here).  Have him share a Google doc of who he wants there (unless you are trying to be super sneaky).  Make a point to invite some of his good out of town buddies – who knows the may show and it makes you look like a kick-ass girlfriend.  This is a great time to give yourself positive PR.

Booze -Give your local beer store a buzz and get a keg of your boyfriends favorite beer (Natty Light or Keystone are not an option here).  Remember, there are only 165 beers (roughly) in a keg, therefore floating a keg between 30 friends isn’t that crazy of a notion.  As I have stated before, always have plenty of booze.

I am going to assume you don’t have a spare keg shell lying around the house or a tap.  These are available to rent from your local beer store, you will have to pay a deposit on the keg shell but you get this back when you return the shell (unless you want to keep it).

Food – go light here.  Start your party a bit later, say 9PM.  Let folks have dinner, change, and get off work.  No need to have skinny girl party rolls.  Three words: chips and queso.

So the keg floats, don’t freak out this is great.  Just roll on over to your local bar and pat yourself on the back, you did a great job.

Hope this helps,


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