The healthy way to get tan

Remember how your mother told you not to eat too many carrots or you’d turn orange? She had a point. But with the summer…

Dear Jack Sweet Lemon

Dear Jack: Is he my +1?

My boyfriend and I met this past Memorial Day at a mutual friend’s lake house, so we have been dating about 3 months now….

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The 411 on Danika Daly PR

Danika Daly is doing what most college girls are dreaming. Starting from a simple interest of writing and planning events in college, Danika launched…

Dear Jack Sweet Lemon

Jack Lemon has a question

So guys we have been going strong now for the past couple of months and I figured, Jack Lemon should get to ask a…

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Food for Thought

Intuitive eating is something I’ve discovered recently that’s had such a positive affect on my body, health and overall life. What is it you…