Dear Jack: Do I stop with the late night texts?

Dear Jack,
I went out for a friend’s birthday and things got really aggressive.  One bar stop, I ran into my ex.  He texted “It was good to see you” and then the next thing I  know – I am doing the walk of shame from his apartment.  We had a terrible break up and I am sending this to you literally from my phone, can you help me out here?
Sent from my iPhone
Shackin’ Sally,
Before you do anything – take your phone and hide it.  Head over to Bojangles and get your self a breakfast sandwich and coffee.  Fried chicken always helps clear your brain.
Now the hard part, you as a girl are in very vulnerable spot – you did what your friends warned against.  You broke down for what you think was a one night stand and honestly, it was.  The truth is if he wanted to get back with you, there would be dates, flowers, spa days, not 1:30 AM it was “Nice to see you” texts.
This is what your conversation probably looked like:
EX BF: Nice to see you
You:  Nice to see you too
EX BF:  We should hang out sometime soon, I would love to catch up
You:  Yea definitely it’s been too long
EX BF:  Some of us are getting together for late night tonight if you want to swing by
Then boom – it’s the morning after and you’re regretting your decision
So you made a mistake, best thing is don’t repeat it.  Never wanted to filed as “that girl” in his cell phone.  Chances are he doesn’t want you back but is just in a dry spell.  Let him dry out and see if he actually comes back with a date vs. a late night booty call. If he does actually ask you out for dinner, etc. then give him a chance, but as far as the post bed time texts – let him wait.
Hope this helps,
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