3 Craft Beers for Spring

Craft beer you need to know
Have you ever been embarrassed about your lack of beer knowledge? I sure have. If I was out with others, I’d try to pick to most obscure craft beer on the list just to seem like I was in the know. Sometimes it would go right, other times I’d be drinking a heavy imperial stout in the July heat.
I’ve learned from my mistakes over the past few years and garnered a working knowledge of most beers. Typically, springtime is not celebrated for its seasonal beers. But as the weather warms, it’s good to ditch the stout and enjoy light, refreshing brews. Below are some of my top picks for the coming months. If you can’t find these exact ones, try picking from the same styles. Hopefully the draft list won’t be so overwhelming next time.
  • Dead Guy Ale, 6.5% ABV, Rouge Brewing Company - This Maibock (a strong German style Pilsner) is Deep honey in color with a malty aroma and a rich hearty flavor. It’s generally sweet but with a touch of bitterness, pair with pork or any spicy foods.
  • Tweason’ale, 6% ABV, Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales – You won’t believe this but this is a gluten-free beer. Awesome, right? Dogfish Head created this beer with a sorghum base, instead of barley. In addition this tasty beer was brewed with strawberries & buckwheat honey. Perfect to pair this Spring with fatty fish, dried fruits, or nuts.
  • Golden Monkey, 9.5% ABV, Victory Brewing Company – A golden, Belgian-style ale brewed with German malts and Belgian yeast. Golden Money has herbal and fruity notes throughout. Slowly savor this beer because it’s 9.5% alcohol!


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