Jack Lemon has a question


So guys we have been going strong now for the past couple of months and I figured, Jack Lemon should get to ask a question, right?

For background:  I hear a bunch of “stuff”, I enjoy listening and sometimes eaves dropping on folks’ conversations.  If I have some work to do, it’s not uncommon for me to take my laptop up to my favorite watering hole on a Monday/Tuesday and sit at the bar during a half- priced wine night.  There seems to be this reoccurring battle between girls; there are two categories of guys in their mid/late 20s – the guys with career or the fun guy.  From what I can pick up on (even from some of your messages), there rarely is the “full package”.
So let me ask, if you had to chose between the fun guy or career guy, which one would you pick and why?
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