Dear Jack

Hello Everyone! We’ve decided to try something new over at Sweet Lemon Magazine. While it’s great that we have created a network of fabulous…

Tips for Cohabitating

A Lemon Lady’s Tips For Modern Homemaking

  artwork courtesy of Harbus Choosing to live with your partner is an extremely important life decision, and a huge step in your relationship….

Let's Date

Love is in the App

Between classes, work, internships and catching up with friends and/ or sleep, dating is the last thing on a girl’s mind… Until it’s Saturday…


Long-Distance Love

Wait: long-distance? But I’m married, right? (I am.) Yes, well. Sad to say that our first married Valentine’s Day will be celebrated from afar…

Holiday Date Nights

Holiday Date Nights

(image via…) The holidays are a fabulous time to get out and experience all that your city has to offer. As a resident of…

Single during the holidays

How to Survive the Holiday Season While Single

‘Tis the season for presents wrapped in bows, hot chocolate…and dodging relatives’ questions about your romantic life while your Facebook news feed blows up…

Cohabitating made simple

Co-Habitation Made Simple

Are you and your man living together for the first time? I know co-habitation can be a challenge, so here are a few simple…

Date night

5 Fun Date Nights for Fall

(image via…) I’m a serial monogamous. I mean I have legit spent more time in relationships than I have out of them. Don’t you…