Dear Jack: How many drinks?


Dear Jack,

How many drinks is it okay to have on the first date? What if the guy has too many drinks? I think these days everyone thinks it’s so cool to drink a lot, but I just want to get to know someone, not their alcohol tolerance.


Confused First-Dater

Hey there Confused First-Dater,

First dates, oh man first dates.  Eventually, I will share some pointers for first dates that are tried and true, but for the meantime, here we go…

So a few months ago, I had a friend say, “my sister flipped out because I had more than two drinks”.  Apparently, there is a woman that matches women with dudes who are rich that says there is a two drink maximum.  Repeat after me “she is wrong and Jack is right” and “there is no magic number that will make a date flop”.

One of the most important things on a first date is to have fun and not worry about some magical number.  Yes, first dates can be (and usually are) awkward, but thank God booze is there to help us get through those first grueling 10 minutes. And yes, guys do get nervous too.

With that being said, before you go on your date have a pre-game drink.  Loosen things up, be fun, don’t be that girl who says, “I have to work tomorrow”.  By saying “I have to work tomorrow” you are effectively torpedoing the date and congratulations you just wasted two hours of not only your life, but his too. Laugh, make jokes, and let him know that the next time he takes you out we are going to have a hell of a good time.  But, don’t get blackout and act like this is Tri Delt Spring Formal your junior year.

You raise a good point, and I completely agree: the number one priority should be getting to know the other person.  If he goes over the top and gets wasted, you should bail.  He is not interested in getting to know you, and is wasting your time. Sorry, that’s the tough truth.  But ditching him now will probably save you some embarrassment down the road.  You deserve to go on a date with a guy who is more interested in you than catching his next buzz.

Hope this helps and keep the questions coming,

Jack Lemon

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