Love is in the App

Between classes, work, internships and catching up with friends and/ or sleep, dating is the last thing on a girl’s mind… Until it’s Saturday night and everyone else has a date except for you.


It’s tough to meet guys, especially post-college. Sure, there are mixers, speed dating, online dating and set ups, but let’s be honest. As 20-somethings, we’re all on our phones anyway, so shouldn’t there be an app?


There are, in fact, actually quite a few. While they’ve been criticized as shallow interactions, as humans we tend to judge a book by its cover. These apps act as a sort of date catalog.


Tinder: Remember on the playground when you’d ask your best friend to tell your crush that you liked him? And then she might run back to tell you that he thinks you’re cute too… Or not. The Tinder app does the same thing only the middleman’s your phone and there are (virtually) no hurt feelings. The app works based on location, picking up other people using the app. You can thumbs up him or thumbs down him and when there’s a match, you’re notified. You can send a message or wait for the guy to make the first move. All conversation is kept on the app unless you choose to give out your private information. Available for iPhone.

 Let's Date

Let’s Date: Same deal, only you label yourself. When flipping through profiles, you can either answer “Let’s Date” or “No Thanks.” By saying the latter, you’re prompted to highlight what doesn’t interest you about the person. The app pulls a Pandora and tries to pinpoint partners you’d like to date. Like, Tinder, you’re notified when there’s a match. Available for iPhone.

 Crazy Blind Date

Crazy Blind Date: From OK Cupid, Crazy Blind Date let’s you pick where you’re headed for your date and what time. People can browse the proposed dates and select a date to attend. The catch is that you don’t know anything about who you’re meeting. That said, make sure to propose a very public place, you know, just in case. A great app for a girl that wants to do something crazy and possibly get a great story out of it. Available for iPhone.


And after you’ve finally met possible boyfriend material…


Lulu: A women’s only club that lets you rate the men in your life and search your current crush, while possibly discovering others. And if you met a guy that’s not quite your cup of tea, but would be perfect for a friend, you can virtually hand him off. Though it’s connected through Facebook, your reviews are anonymous. Free for iPhone and Android.


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