In My Bag: Marketing Director

I have a very big bag, like very big. Some days it’s like a black hole that just swallows my keys, sunglasses, cough drops, and whatever else I happen to throw in there. Lately, I’ve tried to be much better about keeping it organized, and you know what helps? Making sure I have some of my favorite goodies and products floating around in there. Read on for details!


1. – $6.99

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. The scent is to die for, and the lotion doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or oily. It’s the perfect cream to have at the office or in your go-to bag because you don’t feel all greasy and unable to use a keyboard after use. It’s also the perfect size!


2. Jane Cosmetics Giving Back Cosmetics Bag – $12.00

One of my tricks to keep a (somewhat) clean bag is using smaller ones to keep things like tampons, lip gloss, and other make up in. I love this Jane Cosmetics bag because of all the great colors and the fact that a portion of the proceeds goes towards charities geared towards empowering women.


3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy – $12.00

No joke, this is my favorite lip balm on the face of the planet. It keeps my lips smooth, and that’s definitely something to consider with the cooler months ahead of us.

4. Moleskin Journal – $12.95

Before one of my very first job interviews, my mom told said to me “Don’t have janky notebook.” And she’s right, don’t! If you want to make a good impression, keep one of these bad boys on hand and track all your little thoughts while you’re at it.


5. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses – $215.00

Like any California girl, sunglasses are a must. I love these Ray-Ban’s because they have the classic style, with a colorful twist.

What’s in your bag? Share with us in the comments below!



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