Dear Jack


Hello Everyone!

We’ve decided to try something new over at Sweet Lemon Magazine. While it’s great that we have created a network of fabulous Gen-Y women who discuss topics that pertain to our daily life, I felt like there was something part missing…so we decided to shake things up a bit: I want to introduce the Jack to our “Jane of All Trades.” Jack is here to answer all of your dating/advice inquiries, from a male perspective, so, feel free to email him at . Every week he’ll write posts answering your questions for our Lifestyle section of the site and don’t worry, we won’t publish your information. So, without further ado, here’s a little message from my friend Jack… #oldsport.

Cheers to learning more about your Mr. Right, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Big, Gatsby, et cetera!

Do you ever find yourself asking “what the hell is his problem”? Why didn’t he call me back? When he said let’s go out for drinks, why did he decide to invite his drunk fraternity brother that can’t seem to ever leave the frat house porch? Why does he refuse to stay the night at my house? If he hooked up with my roommate in college does that still mean he’s into her? Will I terrify him if my folks come in town and I invite him to join us for dinner, even if we have only been dating 6 months? Is it acceptable to drop a “hygiene product” in his bathroom trashcan?

That’s where I come in, my name is Jack and I am here to help. I was born, raised, and educated in the South (I still say yes ma’am to my Mom). I am a working professional (I use that term very loosely), and enjoy hunting, fishing, outdoors, travel, good music, and sports. Send me your questions so I can send you my answers and you can finally figure out what is going on in his head. I am here to help from the first date to your first dance as Mrs. Perfect.

So don’t worry I am here to help,

Jack Lemon

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