The Vampire Diaries: Season 5 Premiere Recap

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One of my friends introduced me to The Vampire Diaries one night over the summer. My friend was addicted to the show and suggested I watch it with her. I have a certain rule when it comes to watching new TV shows—watch three trial episodes to see if it sparks my interest. I ended up watching more than three episodes…try all four seasons. I couldn’t stop watching; I couldn’t keep up with the complexity of the show and the love triangles and relationships that were so intertwined. So, when the season premiere aired on Thursday, I was ready to watch. Here’s my recap on what happened on the season premiere:
Elena has been pretty busy this summer…with Damon. After Stefan left, her and Damon have been blissfully in love (I’m still Team Stefan—incase anyone was wondering). She’s been writing Bonnie emails after Bonnie said she was traveling the world with her mother that she just recently met. Jeremy has been helping Bonnie write emails because, um, she’s dead. Elena and Caroline including the rest of the group think Bonnie’s just away on vacation and not returning to go to college in the fall. Bonnie’s also been calling her father, but she’s convinced he doesn’t care about her whereabouts. Somehow no one knows that Bonnie’s dead, and she’s determined to let everyone live their lives and think that she’s happy…what a selfless soul you are, Bonnie!

Elena and Caroline are finally going to college. It’s a huge accomplishment considering the fact that they all almost were near death last season. They’ve enrolled in Whitmore College, a couple of hours away from Mystic Falls where Jenna went as well. Damon makes her leave and tells her Jeremy will be safe with him. Caroline calls Tyler, who’s in the Appalachian Mountains helping a werewolf pack and begs him to come to Whitmore. Elena and Caroline arrive at college excited to unpack and share a room, when a third roommate, Megan, comes in. Caroline and Elena are confused since they weren’t supposed to have a third roommate, and they now have to hide the fact that they’re vampires. Megan goes into the shower, and Caroline is determined to compel her or make her leave the room. She opens up one of Megan’s protein waters, and spits it out immediately—vervain water. The jig is up, Caroline’s ready to take Megan down when Elena reminds her to act normal, and Megan won’t suspect a thing. Megan hears Caroline choking and sees her in pain, yet Caroline says the water “went down the wrong pipe”, and apologized for going into her things.

Earlier in the episode, a guy named Jesse handed them a flyer for a party. Obviously they’re going to take advantage of this opportunity and go party like normal kids, so they go to meet up with Megan. Once at the party, Caroline and Elena go up to the door and see that it’s blocked. As vampires, they have to be invited in to go to the party. When they see Megan, they make an excuse that they’re waiting for someone. Caroline and Elena try to think of a plan to tell Megan that they’re vampires, because she saw the Elena and Caroline’s struggle to get past the barrier of the party. Megan calls Elena and Caroline frantically, and begs them to help come find her. Caroline and Elena are shocked when they see Megan’s body fall to the ground. They realize that a vampire is at the party, and Megan was killed by a vampire. Paranoid of being a suspect, Caroline takes Megan’s phone because Elena left a voicemail where they were, and Megan called them last before she tragically died. Elena and Caroline go back to their room, only to find that it’s been broken into and Megan’s personal things have been stolen. Tyler calls Caroline to tell her that he’s not coming to college this semester, and it breaks Caroline’s little heart. Where’s Klaus when you need him?

Stefan is still no where to be found, and Elena says she hasn’t heard from Stefan all summer, and she’s growing concerned. She says there’s a weird feeling she has in the pit of her stomach that Stefan’s in trouble. Then we flash to Stefan seeing him drown over and over again. Poor thing, someone better save him soon! Silas is back, but as his true self—which is Stefan. Stefan has a doppelganger, and it’s the big bad boy vampire/psychic/witch Silas. He’s back in Mystic Falls to shake things up a bit. He took over the town’s end-of-the-summer event and used mind control to control the crowd. Bonnie was in attendance (not that anyone can see her but Jeremy) and she watched Silas kill her father, Mayor Hopkins. Silas goes to Mystic Grill and fools Damon, thinking its Stefan. Jeremy is with him because he was expelled from school (after making up a lie of saying he faked his own death) when a couple of kids tried to beat him up. His bad-ass hunter blood took all three bullies down. Silas touches Jeremy on his hunter’s arm, and he knows that it’s Silas. Silas also pays a visit to Sheriff Forbes, who is cut by Silas with a knife and drinks her blood. He threatens her to keep quiet after revealing his true self.

This is our reaction when we found out Stefan would be locked in the safe for longer than an episode and can’t be reunited with Elena yet (EPIC LOVE!):


Katherine Pierce is now human since Elena shoved the cure down Katherine’s throat last season. Katherine is a mess, she doesn’t know what it’s like to be human and she asks Damon for help. Silas is looking for Katherine, and he can read Damon’s thoughts. He knows that she’s at the Salvatore residence, so he travels there and plays on his Stefan act. Katherine catches on when Silas reaches for her throat and tries to drown her. She runs away and Damon has Jeremy take Katherine somewhere and not to tell him. Damon gets threatened by Silas who says he’ll tell him where Stefan’s location is (after he revealed he’s suffering). Damon orders Jeremy to bring back Katherine, and Jeremy turns the car around, only to have Katherine swerve the car and crash it. Jeremy again gets hurt, and Katherine gets away.

Rebekah and Matt have been adventurous travelling the world over the summer, and now Matt’s finally back in Mystic Falls. Matt and Rebekah have no strings attached, as far as Matt knows. Rebekah then leaves to meet with her brothers (it’s assumed she’ll be on The Originals). Matt sees their friend Nadia they met over in Europe who stole his Gilbert ring, and she gives it back to him, but only to change him with two other guys (we don’t know yet what she changed him into yet).

Damon doesn’t tell Elena all the stuff that went down in Mystic Falls in a short time span after she’s left for college, because he’s afraid she’ll come back, and she’s so blissfully happy. Stefan has dreams where Damon keeps telling him to turn off his humanity switch, but his last dream is of him and Elena. Elena tells Stefan to hold on after everything he’s been through. Stefan is happy (in his dream) that he sees Elena.

This is how we feel when people say we’re too obsessed:


So, what’s next for Mystic Falls and The Vampire Diaries? We don’t know yet, but we can’t wait!

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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