An Awkward. Recap

{Image via KCR}

{Image via KCR}

This week on Awkward. we had some MAJOR things happen! First off, Jake Rosati is a musician now? The episode starts off with Jake making a music video for a new song, and Jenna, Tamara, and Matty all star in it, including some other bikini-clad girls as “video girls.” Jake pops a cork on some champagne (to do it real music-video style) and winds up hitting Jenna in the throat and causing her to hit her face on a cement potted plant, getting a bloody nose and chipping her tooth. Jenna loses a tooth and has to go to school the next day without her tooth. Jenna’s mom has the dentist pull Jenna’s wisdom teeth out as well, so she won’t be able to talk for 24 hours. But Jenna had promised Valerie that she’d be a peer counselor for the day and listen two underclassmens’ problems. Jenna doesn’t talk through any of the counseling sessions, and apparently Valerie said everyone loved Jenna and she wanted to know her “techniques.”

Ah, Matty McKibben *swoon*. Matty and Jenna have been awkward since they spent the night together last episode. Matty finds papers in his house and remains distant with Jenna throughout the entire episode. Jenna grows angry because Matty gives her a “K” in a text. We’ve all been there before ladies, am I right? When a guy or a friend texts you back with a “K” and it makes you feel unwanted and that the recipient is annoyed with you. After the 24 hours is up, Jenna finally snaps. She walks up to Matty and flips out, exclaiming that she’s feeling neglected and ignored, just like sophomore year Jenna was. Matty tells her that it’s not her and he has stuff going on, but Jenna keeps ranting. Matty finally stops her: Matty’s adopted. Shocked by the news, Matty storms away and says to her, “It’s not always about you Jenna.” SO it looks like Matty and Jenna will still have to work things out.

Tamara and Jake haven’t been getting along that much this season, but Tamara pushed the issue further and got frustrated with Jake promoting his music and his new songs. He would send Tamara songs and she would hate listening to them, but she said they weren’t any good and didn’t want to hurt Jake. Jake sent her a one last song and she went home and listened to it (after Jenna coaxed her to multiple times) and she winded up loving it. Tamara sees Jake and he asks her to meet him in his car. She had gotten Jake expensive headphones so that he can listen to his music on quality headphones and brings them with her to meet Jake. Tamara tells Jake all about the new song and how much she loved it, but after disclosing to Jake that she hated some of his songs, he stops Tamara and tells her he’s breaking up with her. WHAT. Tamara and Jake?! Granted it was a little weird in the beginning of their relationship because Jenna dated Jake first, but we’ve grown to love Tamara and Jake! Jake claims that Tamara tries to control him too much (ok—I totally get Jake, sometimes Tamara does). Devastated, Tamara goes home and comes back the next day refreshed and ready to take on the day. Jenna, now finally being able to talk, feels the same. Liberated without guys in their lives, Tamara and Jenna finish up the school day in high spirits.

Sadie and Lissa are fighting and Lissa suspects that Sadie isn’t telling her something and that she smells like sausage. Sadie’s been working at a food truck that sells German sausage, and she hasn’t been telling Lissa because everyone thinks she’s rich and that her life is perfect blah blah. But in reality, Sadie’s parents left her and her aunt now takes care of her…or barely does. Her aunt is sometimes drunk and doesn’t take responsibility, and Sadie is forced to drive her around in her aunt’s Mercedes, but it’s apparent that Lissa doesn’t know anything about it. Oh, and they’re still fighting over the spot of cheer captain.

Awwwkkward..Tons of drama with Jake and Tamara, and Matty and Jenna! Do you ship Jenna and Matty or Tamara and Jake?

We can only hope next weekend will give us some answers on our favorite Awkward. couples! You can catch Awkward. on MTV on Tuesdays at 10/9c!


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