Space Ninety 8: An Urban Outfitters Concept Store

Shopping is about more than just consumerism, it’s about the experience, too.  Earlier this month, Urban Outfitters unveiled their latest concept store in the NYC neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Structured after a similar project in Los Angeles known as Space 15 Twenty, Space Ninety 8 creates for a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that parallels no other.

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Situated in an old warehouse, Space Ninety 8 is as far as you can get from the traditional mall environment.  Think less mainstream and more about spotlighting lesser-known local brands and designers.  The architecture and layout of the store itself makes Space Ninety 8 a cool hangout spot of sorts – it’s urban, a little bit hipster (not in a bad way at all) and is ultimately more than just a place to shop.

Complete with four floors (rooftop bar, anyone?!), there’s much to see (or, perhaps, experience) at Space Ninety 8.  According to Racked NY, upon entering Space Ninety 8 on the first floor, you’ll find UO’s “Market Place” devoted to local designers, rotating pop-up shops (for April, Salt Surf and Tee Party are the latest vendors to be spotlighted), a section devoted to the retailer’s in-house Urban Renewal line, and of course a shoe boutique.

Moving on up, the second level is devoted to womenswear (think the UO brands that you know and love, plus some newbies mixed in), beauty products, accessories and a small selection of home goods. Next, the third floor is where you’ll find the menswear and an eclectic selection of records and tomes to add to your collection.

Keying in on the whole concept of creating a space that is more than merely a shopping destination, Space Ninety 8 also houses a bar, restaurant and rooftop with skyline views that won’t disappoint. Lastly, but certainly not least, the basement is reserved for Adidas Originals, which will be serving as the designated pop-up shop through May 9.

Whether you’re a tried-and-true devotee or have yet to step foot into one of their locations, Space Ninety 8 is our generation’s hippest lifestyle brand of the moment.

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The next time you’re strolling through Brooklyn, make sure to hit up Space Ninety 8.  Let us know what you think!


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